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Wed., Jan. 29, 2014

Support sports complex

The South Hill Sports Complex being developed is not just for Little League, but all outdoor youth sports like football, soccer, etc. These proposed fields will be utilized by kids from age 5 up to 18. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have first-graders on up to high school seniors playing all different sports year-round?

I have no idea where Nanci Savada Ice (Jan. 20) got her information from, but it is totally flawed. Spokane does need these fields. We do not have enough true baseball fields or other types of outdoor fields for our youth to play on year-round. Kids will play on these fields and grow up and will be better adults having played team sports as kids. They learn a lot playing team sports as well as getting more fit, which all of our kids should be doing. Tournaments will be played on these fields, but that is not why they are being built.

People of Spokane, please support this South Hill Sports Complex so our kids can be out on these fields competing in a team sport instead of all the other negative things they could be doing if they were not playing sports.

Irv Zakheim


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