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The Slice: Shadow’s girth may influence party plans

The other day, when I listed the types of people you’re apt to encounter at Spokane area Super Bowl parties, I overlooked one.

It’s this: The Person Who Isn’t Eating or Drinking Anything Because He or She Is Starting a Weight-Loss Regimen on Groundhog Day.

Sure, denying oneself on possibly the biggest day on the snack food calendar might seem crazy. But you have to admit that someone launching a pounds-off project on Groundhog Day at least deserves credit for having a sense of humor.

“Do you see yourself as a hog? As a groundhog?”

“Not really. But my New Year’s resolutions failed. So I thought a bit of self-mocking was in order.”

I have a suggestion, though. It will be Groundhog Day all day Sunday. If you start your latest self-improvement push that night after you get home from the party, it still counts as starting on Groundhog Day. Right?

Of course, if you have a sad history with pre-regimen binges not actually leading to lasting dietary reform, you might want to go ahead and start the moment Saturday becomes Sunday.

Besides, it would give you something to discuss at the party.

People love to talk about weight control, especially when their mouths are full.

Sports fans in action: Kim Plese was in a car accident recently. The at-fault party then provided her with a rental vehicle.

“In the past week, I have been getting people flashing their Seahawks hats, shirts and fingers at me and offering nice commentary about how the Seahawks are going to kick my butt,” wrote Plese. “I started getting really paranoid until it hit me that my rental car has Colorado plates.”

Re: A localized phonetic alphabet: “Would this new creation using regional place names be the Northwest Fanatic Alphabet?” wrote Gardner Bailey.

Here’s what is on one reader’s mind: “I wonder, did anyone else learn to cut the cat-lick marks off the cube of butter when setting the table as a kid?” wrote Ellen Sherriffs.

Today’s Slice question: How many Inland Northwest residents are old enough to remember having been in homes where an icebox was in use?

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