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NC class of 1949 plans reunion

Thu., July 3, 2014

The members of the North Central High School class of 1949 have done a remarkably good job of staying in touch during the 65 years since they graduated. Many have moved out of state and now, as age is creeping up on the class, some have lost spouses or the ability to travel far.

“So we figured we’d better do one more reunion now at 65 years,” said Frank Thompson, who’s on the reunion committee. “I believe we are all over 80.”

Thompson has been working on this reunion for more than two years with classmates Annette Howland and Jackie Sines and a few other volunteers.

“When we first reached out to the school they wanted to know how many of us could possibly be left,” Thompson said, laughing.

The group decided to include North Central classes of 1948 and 1950 to attract more participants.

They hope about 50 people will make it to the two-day reunion.

The last reunion was five years ago, Thompson said, and it brought together 21 people.

“We have lost three reunion committee members over the past couple of years,” Thompson said, adding that he’s already heard from people in Florida and Virginia who are coming out here for the reunion.

Social hour and dinner will be at the Red Lion Inn at the Park on July 23, followed by short tours in and around Spokane on July 24.

“There will be plenty of time for people to visit,” Howland said. “They haven’t seen each other in a long time.”

Howland and Thompson have remained friends since they met in kindergarten.

“He’s almost like a brother,” Howland said.

The reunion committee members reminisce about their high school days as they talk about the reunion.

Sines lived right across the street from the school.

“I always knew what was going on,” she said. “I was active in many clubs and we had class dances.”

Thompson said their time in high school wasn’t exactly during booming economic times.

“Many students worked part time or full time because they had to,” Thompson said. “It was hard.” He remembers having veterans from World War II join his class to finish up their high school degrees after returning from the war.

Howland said many friends and classmates joined the military.

“Some never came back,” she said.

Thompson said he hopes the group has reached everyone with an invitation, but it’s been difficult to find everyone this many years after graduation – even with the help of old year books.

“Don’t take it personally if you didn’t get an invitation,” Thompson said. “Just call us – we want to see you.”

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