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Fri., July 4, 2014

Get over Hobby Lobby

So the U.S. Supreme Court decided that certain birth control cannot be forced upon a business owner. Get over it.

Not a single woman has been denied the right to choose. Instead, people’s civil liberties have been reaffirmed by allowing them the choice to refuse to supply someone with certain forms (not all) of birth control.

Not a single woman has been denied access to the birth control they wish; they’ve just been denied the ability of stifling someone else’s right to choose in forcing them to supply it. Where was this outrage when the court decided you had to purchase health care you don’t need or coverage you do not want? Where were these champions of choice then?

Incidentally, who champions the choice of the unborn to not be mutilated by abortion (absent rape, incest or mortality of the mother)?

There is no war on women taking place. There is a war for your mind, and the less you use it by accepting and subsequently parroting partisan talking points the more you become part of the problem.

Semper Fi, to the oath.

Ian Pickett

Kettle Falls, Wash.

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