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Media did job

Tom Kryzminski, the defense attorney for Donald Phillips, should be ashamed of himself. He called the media’s decision to air a jailhouse interview in which Phillips admitted to murdering Sean Oie “very irresponsible behavior.”

The media only did their job, to an exceptional level. They are not defense attorneys. They want to know why things happen, if they can find out this information. They went directly to the suspect: Phillips. He openly responded truthfully, as though he wanted to confess to his terrible crime.

Phillips then pleaded guilty in court and expressed remorse to the victim’s family. He was sentenced by the judge. The media brilliantly, although maybe not knowingly, perpetuated swift, so-called justice – although there is never true justice for a murder.

If defense attorneys and judges would not work so hard in finding technicalities to keep convicted violent criminals out of prison, these convicted criminals would not be on the streets to murder people. This area is where the real “very irresponsible behavior” actually does exist.

Russ Hester


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