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No to Iraq intervention

Now is the time for people who believe in freedom, real democracy and justice for all to stand up together to say “no” to U.S. intervention in Iraq. It was wrong a decade ago, and it’s wrong now.

President Barack Obama himself has said there is no military solution. American bombs, drones or military advisers are not the answers to a crisis in need of a diplomatic resolution. We must tell our elected representatives: No to U.S. military intervention in Iraq; no advisers, no airstrikes, no armed drones, no bombs, no arms sales.

The unfolding tragedy in Iraq is a direct consequence of the illegal and lie-fueled American invasion and occupation of that country. Any U.S. military intervention will increase the suffering of people in Iraq and escalate the conflict.

Instead, now is the time for the United States to take concrete actions to build peace. That means aid for refugees and multi-party talks for a diplomatic solution, which is the only way forward.

We have to end these endless wars and make a better world for our children.

Liz Moore

Deer Park


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