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Thu., July 10, 2014, midnight

Incumbents created woes

Incumbents support the New World Order, illegals, slavery, racism, a school system that is abusive, financially irresponsible and economically, socially and racially discriminatory.

Incumbents funded the education of illegals and made schools gun-free shooting galleries.

Incumbents refuse to adequately fund 20 credits but now require 24 and add programs making higher taxes inevitable.

Incumbents intentionally create problems, make irresponsible decisions, and are disingenuous and abusive.

To save millions of our money, candidates must put citizens first and stop the Latino invasion by terminating illegals from our entire school system and making it a crime to employ or rent to an illegal without a state-issued work permit.

To save millions, candidates must refuse all federal funding for education that has strings attached. Education is a state responsibility. Meaningfully redefine education, eliminate teacher tenure and contracts and terminate all new education programs created by the academic government complex.

Abusive, disingenuous and racist incumbents caused our problems and must be replaced with citizens that will solve our incumbent-created problems and reject the New World Order and domination by an overreaching and incompetent federal government that would be the envy of Adolf Hitler.

John Axtell

Valley, Wash.

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