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Fri., July 11, 2014

Vote for independence

The recent Fourth of July celebrations were the perfect opportunity to reflect on our great country and the leaders of the Continental Congress that declared independence from a government that no longer allowed proper representation or consent of the governed.

Our country’s governance needs to be restored to a functional level that represents the rights, principles and needs of the constituents rather than big money and special interest groups. This can only be accomplished by leadership that has the integrity, motivation and independence to implement reform to change the dysfunctional and divisive political environment that currently exists in Congress.

Dave Wilson is the candidate that possesses these attributes and the work ethic to help reform and restore a functional level of governance that will perpetuate our country’s independence and greatness.

Please join me in exercising your independence and right to be properly represented in Congress by voting for Wilson as an independent candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Washington on Aug. 5. For more information regarding Dave Wilson’s pledge to end the gridlock, please review Dave’s website at

Tim Stulc


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