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Sat., July 12, 2014, midnight

Bloodshed and peace?

The responses of the leadership of the Palestinians and the Israelis to the recent tragic murders of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers reveal the real goals of their people. In response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers, the Palestinian leadership does nothing, and the population shelters the alleged murderers. Hamas seizes this opportunity to rain rockets on Israel from within populated areas of Gaza, hoping to provoke Israel to kill Palestinians so it can garner sympathy for its cause.

In response to the rockets, Israel warns Palestinian civilians to separate from the terrorists who would use them as human shields. Only then does it attempt to stop the reign of terror on Israeli civilians through the use of force.

In response to the murder of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem by Israeli citizens, Israel immediately arrests the alleged murderers and publicly promises to punish them to the full extent of the law. Israelis attend the funeral, to show solidarity with and sympathy for the parents and the prime minister offers his condolences directly to the parents.

So tell me, who really wants to stop the bloodshed and make peace?

Vickie Williams


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