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Sat., July 12, 2014, midnight

Other contraceptives offered

Instead of getting riled up by all the propaganda being spouted by the media surrounding the Hobby Lobby decision, look at the facts. Of the 20 required contraception drugs, Hobby Lobby can opt out of only four drugs that stop pregnancy; they still offer the other 16. Hobby Lobby has rights, too, and it goes against their religious beliefs to offer abortion drugs, so they shouldn’t have to. There are plenty of other contraceptives offered by Hobby Lobby insurance and several places where women can get contraceptives at little or no cost to themselves.

We need to check facts before flying off the handle. The politicians and news media are deliberating causing divisions between us for their own purposes. If we are battling each other, we won’t be aware of what they are doing to further their own cause.

Apparently, we’re too simple to notice. We are entitled to our beliefs, and my rights end where yours begin. If we come together and peacefully work to meet each other in the middle, we can fix almost anything.

Pat Loweree

Spokane Valley

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