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Sun., July 13, 2014, midnight

Hating the Fourth

Why I hate July Fourth: It’s legal in my town.

1. Why do we celebrate the use of fireworks?

2. When was the Declaration of Independence actually signed?

3. People around the world constantly live the noise and explosions – in war.

4. People who fight for our freedom, suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome, and relive their horrors over and over.

5. Wildlife, animals, children, elderly suffer the sounds, smell and explosions, crying, screaming, fleeing, running and hopefully are not killed.

6. The environment is filled with toxic pollutants and haze.

7. Did you know that the American consumers alone spent about $662 million on fireworks in 2013?

8. The U.S. Census Bureau’s foreign trade statistics indicate $213.8 million worth of fireworks were imported, with a large majority coming from China – again supporting China and not America.

9. If you spent $66.20 on fireworks, you could feed or prevent the abuse of a homeless person, a hungry child, an animal for over a month.

10. What could you do with the money going up literally in smoke for the Fourth of July?

Barb Bauman

Medical Lake

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