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King James makes all well

Sun., July 13, 2014, midnight

Thank you, LeBron James, for making a decision, this one without the 75-minute television special, without Jim Gray, without the use of so much as a sparkler or firecracker.

Thank you for freeing us from the 24-hour-a-day cycle of speculation and guesswork that had hijacked sports cable and sports radio.

If you weren’t coming to Atlanta, I didn’t really care where you went. Just so long as you went sometime before Labor Day. My index finger already was bloody from overuse, changing the channel each time some panel appeared on the screen discussing your mindset and motivations from a thousand miles away. The blather had reached almost political proportions.

Thank you, LeBron, for breaking the great free-agent logjam in the NBA. Seemed like nobody was going to make a move until you did, awaiting the King’s decree before getting on with their own plebeian business. Now all the rest of the players can go about remaking the league as they see fit.

Thank you for giving Cleveland something to be thankful for other than Rust-Oleum.

It was an odd choice. Who, after all, moves from Miami to Cleveland unless they are avoiding a subpoena? Thanks are in order, I guess, for defying every demographic trend and doing something so contrary to the norm. Enjoy your winters, big guy.


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