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Sun., July 13, 2014

Need liberals to step up

It is a point of pride that conservatives like me turned on their president (Richard Nixon) when it became clear that he had violated his oath of office during the Watergate cover-up. The means do not justify the ends, and no president is above the law. Liberals trumpeted these lessons for decades as a warning against an imperial presidency.

Will liberals, progressives and Democrats do now what Republicans did in 1973-1974? Will people of good will on the left agree that people of any ideology should oppose any administration that uses the Internal Revenue Service to punish political opponents and then covers it up (Lois Lerner)? Also, will they condemn those who assigned the National Security Agency to monitor literally everyone’s electronic communications? Will they agree that today’s children’s crusade was created by all levels of our government refusing to enforce immigration laws?

Enlightened self-interest wedded to common sense should be universal virtues. Compassion for those in need is not a suicide pact. While wanting to see one’s own ideas vindicated is nice, living in a pluralistic society that transcends your own vision and includes genuine diversity is far better. Conservatives and moderates alone cannot save us.

Liberals, America needs you.

Ralph Ginorio

Coeur d’Alene

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