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Say no to naysayer

In a fundraising letter, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers criticized the Affordable Care Act. No surprise. She led in 54 repeal votes, as well as advancing the 18-day government shutdown. Wasted votes, calculated lost opportunities, and actual dollars are shameful. Her leadership on the ACA repeal votes cost us more than $72 million, by one estimate. And the government closure added as much as $24 billion. The totals are staggering.

The Republican Congress, including McMorris Rodgers, is known as the “party of no,” but our representative, who constantly touts her power and leadership role, deserves more blame. What does she stand for? She seems obsessed with saying “no” to issues, even those she once strongly supported. Her votes demonstrate her wealthy donors, not her constituents, are her benefactors. Continuous no votes and scare tactics satisfy the demands of her wealthy contributors but fail constituents.

Wasting tax dollars to stop the ACA rather than working to improve a law that has provided access to life-saving health care is unacceptable. It is time to review her voting history and hold her accountable. We need someone who makes a difference to constituents over wealthy political donors.

Gayle Cain

Cusick, Wash.


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