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Thanks from California

On June 29, our three-generation family of seven was traveling toward Spokane on the last days of a vacation that covered Salt Lake City, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Oregon and points in between.

At the seven-mile marker in Idaho, outside Washington, we were hit from behind by a weaving driver in what could have been a horrific accident. Our white minivan was sideswiped, spun around, hit again, and finally stopped on the grassy median.

We want to thank Trooper Andy Hodl of the Idaho State Police who arrived on the scene quickly. His professional manner was a calming influence on the situation, as he competently attended to what needed to be done.

Also, we wish to thank the witnesses who took time from their Sunday to stop and give their account of what happened. They could easily have chosen not to be inconvenienced or involved and gone on their way to continue enjoying their pleasant day.

Fortunately, none of us suffered major injuries, although we all were seen in the emergency room the following morning.

Again, thank you to those who made a frightening experience bearable.

Susan MacKenzie

Chico, Calif.


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