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If you followed the news last week, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz. Warm up by taking the newspaper version, then go to, where top online entries go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. Enrollment in the second-year medical program at WSU Spokane

A. Hit the projected 20 students for the pilot program

B. Will be expanded to 30 to meet strong demand

C. Attracted just nine students for 20 spots

D. Is expected to double to 40 by next year

E. Was so low the program has been suspended

2. Why have Yahoo, Intuit, Microsoft and Dell all constructed data centers in Quincy, Washington?

A. Hydropower rates are low.

B. There are ample fiber connections.

C. Land is inexpensive.

D. All of the above.

E. None of the above.

3. Under Washington’s recreational pot law, a person 21 or older can purchase usable marijuana (harvested flowers or “bud”) in amounts up to

A. 1 kilo

B. 1 gram

C. 1 ounce

D. 1 pound

E. 1 cup

4. A University of Idaho study found most Idahoans want their roads fixed. To fund the work, respondents most favored what?

A. Raising gasoline taxes

B. Toll roads

C. Tapping into sales taxes on auto parts and tires

D. Charging drivers based on how many miles they drove

E. Cutting money from the state parks budget

5. Baseball great Steve Garvey was in Spokane to watch his son play for the Tri-City Dust Devils. Garvey has ties to the region, having once played for

A. Gonzaga University

B. Washington State University

C. Lewis and Clark High School

D. The Spokane Indians

E. The Spokane Chiefs

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