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Annie’s Mailbox: Be familiar with insurance policy

Dear Annie: I’d like to mention something that your senior readers might not be aware of.

When my husband (a state employee) passed away, I was given the option of continuing his state health care policy. It is an excellent policy and very reasonable. Not long ago, I was looking through the policy information and came across the fact that should I remarry, I would lose the coverage.

I am sure there are others out there who have continued with their spouse’s insurance and might not be aware of this clause. As boring as it might be, I heartily suggest sitting down with one’s health insurance policy to become familiar with all of the ins and outs. I’m pretty sure I would not take a chance on remarriage at this stage of my life. – Covered in Massachusetts

Dear Covered: Too often, people do not check such things and don’t realize that there are hidden clauses and other surprises that merit some attention. We’re certain everyone will take a closer look thanks to your warning.

Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Hope for the Helpless,” whose husband checks out every attractive woman. Here’s a different take on this issue.

As a new bride, I noticed my husband’s wandering eye at the beach. There were lots of pretty young women in skimpy bathing suits. As we looked around, I asked my husband, “Did you see the purple bikini over there?” He later told me it took all the fun out of it when I pointed out the pretty women. – K.

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