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Pullman police warning residents of magazine solicitation scam

Pullman police are warning residents of a possible scam involving magazine solicitors.

Police have received reports over the past few days of magazine solicitors in their late teens and early 20s, claiming to represent Lifestyles Success, Inc. The police department has not issued any permits for door-to-door magazine sales, a news release from the department said.

In addition to illegally soliciting for magazine subscriptions, the salesmen — described as both males and females — are also claiming to be accepting donations for local charities. However, the company has not provided any proof that the donations benefit any actual charity, the release said.

Police recommend residents not allow any solicitors inside their homes and do not discuss any personal issues. They should also ask any door-to-door vendors for their Itinerant Vendor Permit. If they cannot provide one, contact the Pullman Police Department at (509) 334-0802.

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