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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

The Maurice H. Hare mystery deepened. The 45-year-old Spokane man had been missing for three weeks. A partner in their Idaho placer mining operation said he feared the worst.

“I am convinced something has happened to him,” said his partner. “He is not a man who would drop out of sight, or where he could not communicate with his friends. It may be that he is in the river, or in some hospital, unknown and unable to identify himself. He is a man without a bad habit – never drank a drop, was devoted to his family and always was at home when not at the office. His business is in the best condition imaginable.”

Hare was a close friend of Spokane Mayor W.J. Hindley, who told reporters he was as “mystified” as anyone. He said that Hare’s brother was on the way back from San Diego, where he searched for his brother in vain.

Hare had apparently suffered previously from several bouts of aphasia, in which he temporarily lost his memory and did not know who he was. Yet those bouts were all brief.

From the civil suit beat

Lee Tong Man, doing business as Charley’s Laundry, sued Mrs. Irene McKerr-Kastan for $72.

He said he had done laundry for the family for a long time and she refused to pay up. The judge ordered Mrs. McKerr-Kastan to appear in court and explain herself.

This story was changed on Dec. 2, 2014 to correct the spelling of Mayor W.J. Hindley.


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