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Fake news abounds

I am elated that we are learning how disastrous President Obama has been for America. We now know that America fell from No. 1 in world health ranking to 37th under Obama’s presidency. Now, he has the audacity to propose legislation that could improve the health care of America after he alone created this abysmal situation.

We also have discovered that Obama personally drove a bus from Central America to Texas loaded with children he abducted from their parents. Now, he is paying bus drivers out of his own personal bank account to continue this mission. How despicable!

We have discovered that Obama personally visited Bowe Bergdahl and told him to have ISIS invade Iraq. We only wonder how much money he passed to fund this invasion.

We now see how Obama is attempting to become King Obama by using executive action. Although he uses it less than any other president in modern history, we now see his path to become king.

It is both amazing and sad to see how important news stories can grow into such ridiculous fantasies when they are proliferated by agenda-based websites and news organizations that spread their message by innuendo and outright fabrication.

Paul Weber



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