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We asked our Facebook friends what has been the best way to beat the heat this summer. Here’s what they said:

Sandy Brown

Air conditioning

Samantha Applegate-Stayton

The river

Tressa Clinger

Leave town … lol (My family just got back from a week on the coast – it was much cooler there)

Michele Halsted

Barefoot Peach Moscato Margarita for Two

Andrey Muse

Go shopping

Jason Shores

Pineriver Park!

Sandra Gibson

The pool in my backyard

Robin Storms

Why beat it? Enjoy it! Hiking, camping, parks, etc.

Jeanine Pohl Smith

Go jump in a lake

Wanda Snipes Rossi


Nancy Pemberton Figy

Staying home as much as possible. AC is the only way to go!

Robert Christerson

Load hay early 4 a.m. – unload hay at 9 p.m. and stay in a/c with ice tea at home rest of day … and avoid Spokane traffic if no a/c in car

Jocelyn Dotson

24/7 ac!

Cassandra Caterson

Frozen Junior Mints, ice water, cold showers

Alena LaJiness Boharski

Floating the Upper Kettle River!

Georgia Spencer

Gully washer rainstorms following a thunder storm

Susan Michel Hill

Lakes, rivers, sprinklers, pools, basically H20

Melissa Dobeas

Hiding inside with my AC. Is it fall yet?

David A. Tige Turner V

Central AC. I had a hoody on yesterday.


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