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Fri., July 18, 2014

Israel under siege

The July 13 letter critical of Israel’s response to a seven-year barrage of 12,000 missiles terrorizing 1 million southern Israeli civilians, and the murder of three Israeli teenagers, seems naïve and prejudicial, to say the least.

What exactly would the writer expect the region’s only pro-Western democracy to do in reacting to nonstop economic and military hostilities by all surrounding Arab dictatorships, as well as terrorist organizations supported by Iran? If you have an answer on how to stop the virulent hatred aimed at Jews and Westerners (remember the Palestinians dancing in the streets right after 9/11?), then please inform us all.

The writer identified herself as a Jew for peace. What the region needs are more Arabs and Muslims seeking peace instead of martyrdom as suicide bombers, or as human shields for terrorist rocket launchers.

Larry Grossman


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