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Fri., July 18, 2014, midnight

Vote for new leadership

Although successful in climbing the party ladder and posing for numerous Republican leadership photo-ops in Washington, D.C., Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is inaccessible and invisible to us in the 5th Congressional District. She is beholden to big money groups outside our district that provide over 85 percent of her campaign contributions. No one can deny her practices of gridlock politics.

We now have an opportunity for true representation: Dave Wilson, Independent. In numerous candidate forums throughout this district, Dave has demonstrated his desire to be an effective communicator and committed representative. Accepting contributions solely from individuals, and capping those at $500, he demonstrates his belief that he can win without big money special interest groups.

He’s running as an Independent, meaning he won’t be toeing party lines. His challenge? Many voters only look for “D” or “R” after candidates’ names in the voter’s ballot. If you are interested in a 5th District representative who pledges to hold monthly town hall meetings while in office, look for “Dave Wilson, Independent” in your voter’s ballot. If you want to be represented by someone who pledges not to accept a pension or work as a lobbyist after leaving office, vote for Dave Wilson.

Paul McDonnell


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