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Sat., July 19, 2014

Dump Shea, pick Arritola

Josh Arritola is challenging Matt Shea in the 4th Legislative District. These are two Republicans who will not differ greatly in their voting but will represent the 4th dramatically differently.

Shea has embarrassed the district time and again, and has a reputation for being hotheaded. Headlines about Shea’s road rage incident involving a gun are a good example. He doesn’t represent his constituents well, straying into fringe issues like the Cliven Bundy case in Nevada and speaking to militia group rallies in North Idaho. What good does that do people of the 4th?

Among Republicans, when Shea’s behavior is mentioned, they quickly deflect and say “but he votes the right way.” As if that justifies his bad character and weird behavior.

Josh Arritola is a successful business owner. He is a bright, level-headed leader who can work with people on all sides of an issue while maintaining his core conservative philosophy. He will represent the 4th well.

Fellow Republicans, have courage. It’s time to do the unpleasant but necessary thing, and remove one of our own. As people who say character matters, we have to be willing to act.

We can do better than Matt Shea. Vote Josh Arritola.

Michael Cannon


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