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Sun., July 20, 2014, midnight

Anyone but Cathy

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has returned to the 5th Congressional District – in the form of TV ads that started the day before primary ballots go out. The polished ads, paid for with money from the other Washington, tout Cathy’s record of helping veterans receive their benefits. It’s nice to know that some veterans actually got their due, at least enough veterans for Cathy and her cohorts to produce a heartwarming ad.

But it’s still unclear to me how Cathy’s support of last year’s government shutdown helped veterans, especially since it furloughed 7,000 Veterans Affairs benefits employees and closed regional offices. These are the people tasked with reducing the benefits backlog.

Cathy’s ads show the campaigning Cathy. The current news shows the real Cathy, standing behind Boehner – again – as he announces another stunt to appease their angry, irrational base, the only thing still holding the Republican Party together. How does exacerbating partisanship help this country? How does it help the 5th District?

If you tire of Cathy’s Republican games designed to further her political career while she ignores her constituents (us), your vote is your only weapon. When you fill out your primary ballot, remember your A-B-C’s: Anyone But Cathy.

Brian Eliason


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