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Bring Bonnie back

Let’s bring Bonnie back. Your ballots are in the mail, and I hope you will join me in voting Bonnie Mager for Spokane County commissioner. Bonnie has 27 years working on the issues that matter to our community, including four years as commissioner. We have an opportunity to bring Bonnie back.

Bonnie recognizes the need to represent all citizens as their voice, regardless of party label. As a past commissioner, she will hit the ground running. She voted against the boondoggle of a racetrack during her tenure, for urban growth rather than sprawl, and supported “smart justice” over a new jail. She will manage our county budget wisely.

Our current commissioner has not seen a developer he didn’t like. Besides always voting for development in opposition to the Growth Management Act, he has stonewalled board appointments and worked against city-county cooperation. He has retaliated against free speech rights within his own party.

We can’t afford to elect people who want to play political games in office. We need to Vote Bonnie Mager in the primary.

Louise Chadez



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