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MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014

Rob Chase a public servant

Until recently, if you owed property taxes and couldn’t pay the whole bill at once, you were not allowed to make partial payment, resulting in fees and penalties in addition to the entire bill. This caused massive tax delinquencies to Spokane County, as well as stress to people who, by law, could not pay their tax bill.

Enter Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase. Rob was instrumental in getting state law changed so people could chip away at their taxes a bit at a time, thus saving people’s homes and helping clear up backlogs of old tax debts.

Rob is a public servant who takes the servant part very seriously. He has not spent his time in office planning his next election. Instead, he has been running the treasurer’s office under budget for four years! He is busy saving our money. I appreciate that.

Rob is a county treasurer with utmost integrity, only thinking of “we, the people” as he makes his decisions. It does not take a certified public accountant to do this; it takes someone who has the self-control to keep personal ambitions in check, focusing only on the people he represents.

That is Rob Chase.

Diane Baxter


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