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Shooting irresponsible

Concerning the Coeur d’Alene police officer who shot a dog in the owner’s car:

1. I cannot comprehend what would inspire anyone, especially a police officer, to shoot through a car window and kill someone’s pet because it barked and lunged at them. If the dog’s owner had yelled at the officer, and cursed him or shook his finger in the officer’s face, would he have been shot also? This kind of anger-inspired, irresponsible, reactive action does not belong in law enforcement. It proves that this officer’s emotional and physical reactions are not under appropriate control. He should be immediately removed from duty and a permanent record of this incident placed in his official files.

2. It has been my observation that supervisors and co-workers of officers who find themselves in this kind of position tend to justify such action, and support the errant officer. If this officer’s supervisors, including his police chief, support actions like this they are no better-suited for their positions than the officer. They should be replaced also. Some recent police actions are eroding my confidence in the quality of officers we are recruiting. We cannot afford to have unstable reactive people enforcing our laws.

Leonard Mason

Hayden Lake


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