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Spokane vs. Houston

It’s hot. I grew up in Washington, but for the past 27 years have lived in Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast. Recently, we’ve started spending summer vacations in Spokane, and I’d like to offer those who live amidst verdant forest green caressed by silvery stream a way to count their blessings, even as the sun beats down.

Definition of hot: Spokane, highs over 80; Houston, lows over 80.

Geography: Houston, flat; Spokane, round.

Best summer activity: Spokane, river tubing; Houston, visit to air-conditioned shopping mall.

Common pesky bugs: Spokane, bees; Houston, fire ants.

Common small flying creatures: Spokane, hummingbirds; Houston, similarly sized cockroaches.

Waterways: Spokane, rivers; Houston, bayous.

Water color: Spokane, blue; Houston, brown.

Hurricanes: Houston, yes; Spokane, no.

Summer fear: Spokane, drowning in a boating accident; Houston, drowning breathing the air.

Houston’s a great city and has been good to us for many years, but it doesn’t offer the countless ways of cooling off and soaking in nature found in the Inland Northwest. Enjoy! At least until winter arrives.

Ernest Boyd


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