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Kuney endorsement disappointing

Your endorsement of Mary Kuney for Spokane County treasurer was disappointing.

My brother, Rob Chase, has served as treasurer with refreshing efficiency and the best interests of our citizens. If you don’t believe me, ask his staff. Yes, Rob stands by his libertarian ideals, but it hasn’t influenced his job performance.

I am a Democrat and differ with Rob on many issues, but he has served this county very well the last four years. His only fault was to have the gall to ask questions regarding county policies and spending, which upset Commissioner Al French who, in turn, asked Kuney to run against Rob. This was reported in your article covering the treasurer’s race. There hasn’t been a Republican challenging a Republican in this position since 1954.

Further, by criticizing Rob’s support for the misguided Spokane Moves to Amend the Constitution, I assume that you support the Citizens United decision, and believe that corporations should determine the outcome of elections through unlimited campaign funding. It’s no surprise then that you also support the same old, well-funded cronyism that has always determined the outcome of local elections.

I just hope that our voters are smart enough to see this too.

Pete Chase



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