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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014

Fix leaky border

I’ve had a ruptured water pipe since the President Reagan years. I don’t understand it. I mop the floor several times a day, and bail the water out. I buy more mops, replace flooring, and buy more buckets. But for 30 years the water keeps coming. Some people say the water has a right to stay. I think I will let the water stay, let more come and declare victory.

Now, if some of you are thinking I am pretty silly, I should just fix the hole in the pipe. I say exactly! But we as a nation are now, after 30 years, going to spend $4 billion for immigration lawyers and judges to represent the 100,000 children who have recently crossed our ruptured border. Is this not like buying mops and buckets?

This is especially galling given that President Barack Obama has repeatedly chided us by saying, “The border has never been more secure” and mockingly suggests Republicans will want a moat before they’re satisfied.

Oh yes, the border is so secure that 3-year-old children, by the thousands, can walk across the Rio Grande River. No, we don’t want a moat, or presidential lies, we want the border secured.

David Barnes


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