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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

Fri., July 25, 2014

From our archives, 100 years ago

A crowd of hundreds gathered to watch as workmen placed the giant metal pedestals in position for the new railroad bridge being constructed over the top of the Monroe Street bridge.

It was a dramatic and dangerous feat of construction, with workmen riding the huge pedestals 200 feet down as they lowered them into place by crane and cable.

“The courageous workmen were given an ovation from the cheering crowds, which by this time had overflowed from the bridge and were lining both sides of the river,” said the paper. “In acknowledging the salutation, the men swung out from the network of cables that held them, waved their hats and gave back cheer for cheer, while women covered their eyes with trembling hands and men, accustomed to the hazards of such enterprises, stood breathless until the swaying figures, standing out in bold relief against the crimson sky, were lowered from their seemingly perilous position.”

From the baseball beat: The all-girl baseball championship was held at Liberty Park. The games were umpired and scored by women – the only man present was the playground superintendent, who was in charge of the contests.

The “star hit of the afternoon” was made by Norma Hanson, 12, who lined “a beautiful three-bagger to deep left” in one of the games.

The Liberty Park team beat the Manito Park team in the finals by a score of 28 to 3.


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