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Sat., July 26, 2014

Here’s what’s happening

As a former resident and visitorwith numerous connections to Israel, and being a news junkie, I’m often asked to explain: “What exactly is going on in the Middle East?” Interestingly, I find our military personnel and evangelical Christians have a more complete understanding of Israel’s precarious existence and unique relationship with America than even the most educated citizens.

Here’s my simple answer: When Japan attacked our military in Pearl Harbor, we went far away to war; when Al Qaeda attacked our cities, we went far away to war; when Argentina attacked a few Brits and many sheep on the Falkland Islands, England went far away to war.

So, when Israel, a democratic state, responds to incessant missile attacks, suicide killers, and kidnappings of civilians for the past seven years (!) by a neighboring terrorist regime (Hamas) supported by Iran, don’t ask why, but rather what kind of culture promotes human shields and hides rocket launchers in civilian buildings, including hospitals and mosques (no churches or synagogues here).

Ironically, Israel delivers daily humanitarian supplies to the Gazans and treats Arabs in Israeli hospitals (the reverse doesn’t exist), while Egyptians have destroyed Gaza tunnels into Sinai and no one asks why.

Joseph Harari


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