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SCRAPS wins grant for van to transport animals

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services has received a grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to buy a Nissan NV200 cargo van to transport pets.

Janet Dixon, public relations manager at SCRAPS and the SCRAPS Hope Foundation, said about 11,000 animals pass through their facility every year. But sometimes they’re blind, only have three legs, need medical treatment or have behavior issues.

When SCRAPS can’t take the pets, there are often rescue groups that will, Dixon said.

But the animals have to get there, and until now SCRAPS was dependent on volunteers using their own vehicles to transport animals to different shelters or rescue groups, many of which are outside of our area.

“This is a lot to ask our volunteers to do,” Dixon said.

When SCRAPS gets its new van by the end of September, the nonprofit can offer it, filled with gas, for transport trips. There will be shelves inside for items the volunteers may need for the pets during the trips, as well as more room to fit crates. It will be able to accommodate about 40 cats at a time, and maybe six of the large dog crates.

The van will also be easy for the community to recognize. Dixon said it will be white with orange accents – orange is the color for the ASPCA – and also a color SCRAPS is being associated with after moving to its new facility, 6815 E. Trent Ave., the former Harley-Davidson dealership. It will also have decals with SCRAPS logo and pictures of dogs and cats.

Dixon said not only will the vehicle be able to transport pets, but it will be available to be at community events as well.

“We desperately needed this,” Dixon said.

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