July 26, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Speak out against hate


I am sick of hearing Republicans across the country carp about President Obama. They disapprove of everything he does and doesn’t do. Apparently he’s just permanently wrong. He’s wrong when he’s wimpy or when he’s assertive; when he proposes something Republicans once proposed themselves because he’s a “communist,” a “fascist,” a “dictator”; because he hates America, because he’s not one of us; and because he’s a “subhuman mongrel” (compliments of Ted Nugent).

Question, Grand Old Party: What’s up with you? How about just a hint of respect for all those Americans who elected President Obama not just once, but twice? These citizens did so in spite of all your efforts to restrict voting rights across the country.

Let’s hear it for our struggling democracy and the United States of America! And let’s hope that we, the people, will speak out against this very ugly and shameful circus of hate.

Dody Dozier

Moscow, Idaho

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