People: They met Harry Potter – and didn’t know it

SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2014

That guy in the Spider-Man suit you posed with at Comic-Con? It might have actually been Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe donned a Spidey mask to covertly mingle with fans on the showroom floor at the pop-culture convention in San Diego.

“I did an American accent for the whole time,” the British actor said in an interview Friday. “I even took a rucksack, so I look like I’m just coming to Comic-Con. I had a whole look. But it was great. … I took lots of pictures with people who did not know that it was me.”

The 25-year-old star made his first trip to Comic-Con to discuss his new film, “Horns,” in which his character sprouts horns on his head that are invisible to others but cause them to confess to him their darkest truths.

A self-avowed superhero and comic-book fan, Radcliffe said he’s long wanted to come to Comic-Con. Members of the “Harry Potter” cast have appeared in previous years, but the franchise star wasn’t able to make it until now.

Eatery worker irks Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin has some harsh words for a New York server who showed D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T by telling the Queen of Soul she wasn’t allowed to eat her takeout inside the restaurant.

A spokesman for Franklin said the situation unfolded Tuesday at a Johnny Rockets restaurant in Lewiston, New York, near Buffalo. The spokesman said Franklin ordered a hamburger after performing a sold-out show. But he said the server screamed at Franklin, saying she couldn’t sit down to eat because she had ordered takeout.

Franklin said in a statement that the restaurant worker was “very rude, unprofessional and nasty.”

A Johnny Rockets spokeswoman said the franchise owner is sorry for the actions of “a new and very young employee.”

She said the owner has spoken with the employee and has clarified his takeout policies.

The birthday bunch

Actor Jerry Van Dyke is 83. Singer Bobbie Gentry is 70. Olympic gold medal figure skater Peggy Fleming is 66. Singer Maureen McGovern is 65. Comedian-actress-writer Carol Leifer is 58. Comedian Bill Engvall is 57. Comedian Maya Rudolph is 42. MLB player Alex Rodriguez is 39.


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