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Sun., July 27, 2014, midnight

Support Hobby Lobby

Congratulations to Hobby Lobby for winning its lawsuit, a lawsuit that should have never happened. Many believe the issue was that Hobby Lobby would not provide contraceptives to employees. That assumption is false. They do. The issue was regarding the morning-after pill that, if a child were conceived, would be the equivalent of a quick and easy abortion of life.

I agree with Hobby Lobby. My own opinion is that pro-choice ends when life at conception begins. At this point, the sanctity of a human soul is at stake. The founders of Hobby Lobby hold dear their faith in every aspect of their lives, not just when it is convenient.

Hobby Lobby does not terminate employees who choose to purchase and use the pill. They just don’t provide the pill using company revenue. There are many faith-based companies and institutions that hold fast to their principles. There is something wrong when freedom of religion is ignored and government steps in, as in the case of Proposition 8 in California, where the vote of 7 million people was overturned by one federal judge.

What happened to the will of the people? Obamacare? Or Obama-control?

Mindy Wright

Spokane Valley

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