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Mon., July 28, 2014, midnight

Weak endorsement

The Spokesman-Review’s endorsement of the very weak Independent candidate appears to be an attempt at offering the gift of an easy-to-defeat opponent to our current 5th Congressional District representative. In all of the debates, the one candidate who offered insubstantial answers was the Independent candidate. Not to say that he did not speak, but his responses failed to match questions asked.

Selecting the candidate with a platform with a bumper sticker slogan that states “End the Gridlock” neglects to define real severe problems, precluding advancement of viable solutions. Thinking people recognize that his priority list isn’t policy, but it is an indication of a failure to understand governance. A top priority for voters in the 5th Congressional District is candidates who state their positions on a wide range of issues. The Independent is the only candidate to fail this test.

The little attention paid to Joe Pakootas’ business background, including the miraculous $10 million-plus Colville tribal business turnaround, indicates an effort to obscure the vast differences between candidate Joe Pakootas and the Independent, with the Independent conspicuously lacking.

This election is too important to be fooled by this thinly veiled attempt to tilt this election toward the weakest candidate.

John Cain


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