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Vote for Shea

Josh Arritola (R) is challenging Matt Shea (R) in the 4th Legislative District. I’m a registered Republican and small business owner in the 4th who understands the importance of electing the right representative.

The Arritola campaign and a handful of Republicans are using tabloid journalism as a tactic against Shea, while at the same time passing off Arritola as someone he is not. Arritola is not the bright, level-headed leader with core conservative values he’s purported to be, and would be a poor and ineffectual representative.

Regarding character, compare Arritola’s uncouth Enquirer-like mailer to Shea’s, which focuses solely on his own merits and accomplishments. Whose moral values most closely align themselves with the citizens of the 4th?

Unlike Arritola, Shea has the intellect, experience and maturity to know what affects this district involves more than local issues. Shea tirelessly dedicates himself to doing the right thing, voting the right way, is a veteran, has a proven track record of nationally recognized legislative action, and is respected by his constituents and his peers. Shea has reached across the aisle and gained support from 50 Democrat co-sponsors.

Arritola replacing Shea is a joke. Vote Matt Shea.

Stephanie Cape



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