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Annie’s Mailbox: Fight loneliness, get involved

Thu., July 31, 2014

Dear Annie: When it comes to relationships, whether family or friends, I’ve always had to be the one to pursue communication with them. They rarely call to say hello or ask how things are going.

I recently moved from Tennessee to Indiana and feel like I’m by myself. I have few friends here. What would you suggest I do? – Lonely Hoosier

Dear Hoosier: It takes time to make friends in a new location. We recommend you get involved in local activities through your church, community centers, gyms, volunteer organizations, etc., as well as groups that hold interest for you, such as choirs, theater troupes, political organizations, book clubs and so on, which you can find online or through

Some people, like you, are better at maintaining communication than others. But you also could ask some close friends or family members why they so rarely call. Sometimes there are problems that can be easily remedied.

Dear Annie: Can I add one more story to the replies to “Frustrated with Noise,” about children crying in church?

Many years ago, my family and I attended a large church in Groton, Conn. It was always packed to capacity. Sitting in front of us was another family with small children. As soon as the service started, the child who was sitting on his parent’s lap started screaming demonically. I had never heard any human being scream that loudly. Neither parent made any attempt to quiet the child. They sat there like petrified stone.

The child continued screaming as the preacher attempted to give his sermon. Even though he was using a microphone, he could not override the child’s screaming. Suddenly, the preacher said in a booming voice: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to be quiet!” The child stopped screaming instantaneously, and we didn’t hear a peep out of him for the rest of the service. – C.


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