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Thu., July 31, 2014, midnight

Shea hit by critics

The political season is in full bloom, and it leads to falsehoods coming from people like Rep. Matt Shea’s opponents and Shawn Vestal. Vestal’s July 23 hit piece is hate speech. Opponents count on an ill-informed public to believe those falsehoods. The Republican Party’s coordinated attack on Shea is intense. Shea doesn’t dance to the moderate/liberal tune of mainstream local and national Republicans. Shea is guilty only of being a true constitutionalist and believer in the law.

We have been neighbors of Shea since before he left for Iraq; first on Mt. Spokane, now in Spokane Valley. Shea is a true conservative. He is not a gun-wielding mad man. Shea is like most gun owners: honorable, trustworthy and responsible.

In divorces, emotions get out of control. Everyone knows divorces sometimes bring out angry statements against one another. That doesn’t mean they are true.

Vestal’s latest hysterical attack on Shea is a good example of dirty politics of the highest order. Expect these dirty politics to continue through 2016.

Don’t believe everything you see, or read. See the police report for yourself. Inform yourself, go to: Click on “solutions” and “truth.”

Lorna Bryans


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