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The Slice: Garage bands are perfect for homebodies

Thu., July 31, 2014

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)
Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

If I had a band I would call it Unapologetic Homebodies.

Or The Rock Chucks.

I might opt for Garbage Goat, but I think a local garage band used that about 20 years ago.

How about you?

The I’s have it: Robert McGinty was teaching at NIC (then North Idaho Junior College) when he won a National Science Foundation grant enabling him to spend a year studying in Pennsylvania. He drove an old Ford with Idaho plates.

“During the entire academic year we were known as the couple from Iowa.”

Local flavor: “You asked about Spokane social customs the other day,” wrote Craig Heimbigner. “I’m sure you have gotten the usual ‘wearing flannel shirts to the opera’ stuff. But there are a couple things we have noticed in our travels. The only way Karyn will drink beer is with tomato juice in it. Around these parts that is known as a red beer and you can ask for it anywhere. But get to California or the Southwest or pretty much anywhere else and they never heard of such a thing.

“Also, tartar sauce for your French fries will get you blank stares in much of the country.”

Take it outside: “My new husband and I had six kids between us,” wrote Ellen Hodde. “Since our house was small with one bathroom and since they were all boys and since we lived in the country with no visible neighbors, it became a rule that they would all go about 20 feet past the house outside to do minor duty (pee). It helped.”

Close enough: Kim Turner’s granddaughter was talking about old movies when she referred to “the one with the quiet sheep.”

Any guesses? That’s right, “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Slice answer: “As a former smokejumper and air attack boss, I took exception to the idea of a smokejumper crew whining and on the verge of panic (in 1989’s ‘Always’),” wrote Jim Sayre of Newport, Washington.

Today’s Slice question: Is overexertion-caused throwing up still a regular part of preseason conditioning drills for boys engaged in summertime high school football practice?

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