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Give and take: Sunday letter

For years prior to the kill of 2007, I fished Sprague Lake on a weekly basis.  Recently, I took my first trip since then.  Wind was at gale-force, so I concentrated my efforts in the protected bays.  Aside from several mature bass, eight hours and many acres later, what I didn’t find was a single juvenile fish, of any species.  

Visibility was to 8 feet.  I’m not talking about this year’s fry that have yet to hatch.  I’m talking about all those 1-to-3-year old fish that invariably occupy shallows and bays during the prespawn.

In my humble opinion, the failure of Sprague Lake to produce a burgeoning recreational fishery for something besides a genetically modified trout, is due to the fact that the biologists neglected to implement a stable foundation for predatory fish before dumping mass quantities of predators into a sterilized lake.

“Eat they said!”  And the fish did – to the last!  

As the saying goes, a house built on a weak foundation will not stand.  Of course, the biologists denounce anyone who does not share their vision, as being hasty or simply not understanding the natural order of things.  Hubris! Neither do they!

Terry Bison


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