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The Slice: With summer vacations ramping up, here’s hoping for a rash of essays

June’s arrival means one thing here at The Slice.

Yes, that’s right. It’s time for my annual request that readers submit short “How I spent my summer vacation” essays in the weeks to come.

Now perhaps you are wondering: “What should I write about?”

Well, I’ll tell you. Just answer any or all of the following questions and you can’t go wrong.

How did you get that nasty rash?

Were you bitten by any wild animals?

Which of the Ten Commandments did you break?

Anything to say on the topic of summer romance?

Have people heard of Spokane in the town where your distant relatives live?

How did your body change over the summer?

What made you think “Boy, I wish we had these back in Spokane”?

What’s something you will never eat again?

What did you learn about humidity during your travels?

What did you find yourself missing about the Inland Northwest?

A movie based on your vacation would be called what?

Did something happen that made you think “Now I am a man” or “Now I am a woman”?

What prompted you to beg your travel partners to get some therapy?

Have you changed your attitude about what constitutes heavy traffic or hostile drivers?

Did people believe you when you said you have seen moose and eagles not far from your home?

Do you have a new perspective on California?

Are you now an expert on our National Parks?

What song will now be stuck in your head for a long, long time?

Did you at some point find yourself wondering if Midwestern/Southern sweet corn should be classified as a narcotic?

Did your vacation travels help or hinder your self-improvement schemes for the summer?

Why were you rushed to an emergency room?

Coming back into Spokane from which direction is most moving?

Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm-up question: In our area, what appears to you to be the least enforced ordinance, statute or federal law?

Today’s Slice question (finish this sentence): In Spokane, people are certain to judge you if …

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