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Deputies must lead reform

Recent issues involving Spokane County sheriff deputy misconduct have stained the reputation of a force whose members are for the most part decent, hard-working public servants. It is time for the majority of the deputies to rein in their union; after all, it is their union.

It is time to insist that the union negotiate in good faith with county leadership to come up with a fair and appropriate method of disciplining those few members that make them all look bad. Please, no excuses about what the contract agreement currently says, and let’s not require the sheriff to convince a bunch of politicians in Olympia to do what is best for them and the people. They won’t. The reason is, obviously, political contributions from the unions (their union dues) keep them from doing what you can do best.

So let’s make this right. They should speak up or lose the credibility that most of them have worked so hard to attain from the public. Imagine trying to do their job amongst a public that doesn’t feel like they can trust them.

Bruce Bruscia

Medical Lake

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