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Tue., June 3, 2014

Questions on scandals

Some questions on Gary Crooks’ idea of a real scandal, as printed May 8. How many tragic military suicides are born of scandalous rules of engagement inflicting needless casualties and stress?

Is the documented existence of fraudulent Veterans Administration treatment lists, and associated deaths, not a scandal? Did his Democrats not vote for both wars, and the concomitant spending priorities?

Was President Nixon’s rebuffed attempt to illegally weaponize the Internal Revenue Service more scandalous than the mystery person(s) within the current administration actually facilitating said crime?

Was the illegal delivery of weapons in Iran-Contra more egregious than the current administration’s similar acts with narco-terrorists (Fast and Furious), or the alleged routing of weaponry through Turkey to the Libyan Islamists, some of whom murdered the Americans in Benghazi?

Crooks correctly cites the aforementioned Republican scandals that rightly forced one president to resign, with associated indictments and convictions. Is the media’s former aggressive and relentless inquisition scandalous, or the mostly missing, supportive or deceptive reporting that has been the norm with this administration’s activities?

Finally, was the past bipartisan appointment of special prosecutors with complete investigations a scandal, or the recent serial refusals to cooperate or reciprocate of evidence? Just asking.

Gary Warren


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