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The Slice: Custer’s Last Stand probably inspires some to lie low

Tue., June 3, 2014, midnight

You still have about three weeks to plan your anniversary observance of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

It seems like those of us who live in the West should not let that slip by unnoticed.

Though I suppose there are some who would prefer not to think about how the Old West became the New West.

Memory lane: The Slice once asked if plausibility played a role in readers’ romantic fantasies and a woman left me a phone message early that morning consisting almost entirely of laughter.

Just wondering: In your household, what expression is used to describe the contents of outdoor garbage containers during hot weather? A) Baked. B) Ripe. C) Gaggle. D) Near meltdown. E) Other.

Oddest compliment heard lately: A friend talking about a Spokane judge said the individual could really hold his/her liquor.

Today’s swimming lesson story: “About two years ago, my girlfriend rescued a 3-year-old, 95-pound German shepherd named Mia,” wrote Fritz Howard of LaCrosse, Washington.

“Last summer we went to relax at the Snake River at the now defunct town of Riparia. Mia loved splashing and biting the water but didn’t want to get too deep. As it turned out, she didn’t know how to swim.

“We were able to coax her deeper and deeper until she couldn’t touch bottom. She would get panicky and would try to walk on the water, pounding it into submission.

“We taught her to swim just like you would teach a child – holding her and supporting her as she gained confidence and learned to really dog-paddle.

“I would love to say that she is now a confident swimmer but she is still a little timid about getting in too deep. She will swim but not far and not for long.”

Warm-up question: In the spirit of “The Scarlet Letter,” what symbol should certain Inland Northwest residents wear to declare that summer is their least favorite season?

Today’s Slice question: Could you make a case for home air-conditioning being unnecessary in the Spokane area?

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