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Continued support for sheriff

What a surprise to see that Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has been overturned again (May 24). And by an arbitrator from Hawaii no less. I guess sex on duty is OK in Hawaii?

Meanwhile, this deputy will be back on duty. He just couldn’t take the punishment for his misdeeds (including lying) and leave quietly. I personally will not feel comfortable interacting with such an officer of the Sheriff’s Department. Should I come in contact with any deputy who has retained their job under such circumstances, I’m afraid I would be inclined to roll up my window, turn on the alarm and call 911. It will seem safer to have a supervisor on scene.

As for Sheriff Knezovich, he appears to be doing as good a job as possible given the circumstances of being overturned repeatedly for disciplining officers whose behavior is illegal and/or reprehensible. He will still have my vote.

Beverly Gibb


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