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Alter parking practices

As you drive down Division Street eager to go to Riverfront Park, you’re thinking, “Here goes a waste of $5.” With the increase in parking prices, and approximately six to 10 parking lots near Riverfront Park, we have to pay anywhere from $5 to $8 a day.

According to a CNN report, the average person wastes $150 to $300 a month on parking in big cities. The main cause of this problem is due to the present parking services, the ones in charge of the wages for hourly to daily parking. The best solution would be to create equal parking options for the community while still keeping parking services in business. This could include free lots near the park and, once those are full, dropping the paid lots’ costs to $1 a day.

On the downside, if you provide parking at $1 a day, you may run into problems with the parking services staying in business. To keep it fair, we can have an equal number of free lots to an equal number of paid lots. A good consequence to this change is the decline in cost for the people who frequently enjoy visiting downtown.

Shasta Foster



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