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Sat., June 7, 2014, midnight

Bergdahl politicized

Now that the news of Bowe Bergdahl’s release from the reprehensible Taliban has begun to settle in, it would be worthwhile to consider the following: All of the noise, hyperbole and hand-wringing that is starting to rise up from various obstructionists and knee-jerk Obama-haters is no real surprise.

Mostly, it’s sour grapes and envy. Some of the concerns regarding the consequences of negotiation with terrorists are valid, but the primary racket is just (forgive the repetition) sour grapes. And Bergdahl’s motives, for good or bad, are yet to be determined, and are in some dispute.

I wonder what the uproar would sound like if it were to go public that we had had the opportunity to free Bergdahl and chose to do nothing. These same loudmouth, publicity-seeking political hacks would be the first to appear on news and talk shows to decry the lack of initiative of the Obama camp. These same people would be singing the same sad tune only with the lyrics of the exact opposite spin in order to serve their own twisted agenda.

For them, Bergdahl isn’t really the issue at all. Self-service is.

Terry Kolemaine


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